Maud’dib, Snowden and Credibility

Edward Snowden has had an impact that I am sure even he had not imagined. In this post- 911 world of “If You See Something, Say Something”, I think it is a little surprising and hypocritical that Mr. Snowden faces such blow-back, and even prosecution, for reporting criminal activities. But, that’s America! And in America, it is pretty important that Law Enforcement not be above the Law, unless you happen to be Law Enforcement. Beginning in early June of 2013 Snowden began to release information which revealed that the United States government was engaged in criminal activities against its own citizens, as well as citizens of sovereign foreign nations. The Guardian has all the facts. He fled the country to escape prosecution and claims he is in fear for his life, which, given the situation, seems reasonable. The really amazing thing is that the US government has confirmed that at least some of that information is true by granting him whistle-blower status. No matter what anyone says about the man, he knew he was giving up what could have been a comfortable job and a good career. He could no longer be a part of activities he felt were immoral, so he put himself in harm’s way. That is exactly what being an American is all about.

It is currently all over the interwebs and the YouTube that Mr. Snowden has revealed another secret program, called Maud’dib. The story is that Monsanto and the Department of Defense have been spraying chemicals over North America to stabilize the weather and protect the world’s food crops. While I like the way this conspiracy theory turns all other chemtrail conspiracy theories upside down, it seems pretty clear that Edward Snowden has said no such thing, at least not yet. Check out the IrregularTimes article here.  With every “Snowden Says…” story the facts become more blurred, the truth more distorted, and the public less interested. Who does a man trust in this viral, end-of-all-mankind obsessed, fully interwebbified universe? Hell, I don’t know, but I trust the pizza guy with my food, right? What’s that say about my judgment?

In the end, that’s what it comes down to, isn’t it? Credibility. Americans have never trusted government anyway, and now the government has been called out and caught with one hand in the cookie jar and the other up your mom’s skirt. Most Americans are selective about what they choose to believe the government is lying about, but we seem to assume that, in general, the we are being told the truth. But how can you trust the guy you just caught two-fingers deep in your mom and making her love it? You know the internet is full of crackpots, and you can’t take anything at face value. No one and nothing is what it seems. Chemtrails are an Illuminati conspiracy to kill us all, OR are they an Illuminati conspiracy to keep us all fed? Are we all living in the Cabin in the Woods? Maybe it is time to give someone else a chance.


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